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Full Version: Sock...Pow...Zock...(Yes, Zock)...
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Part I

Sock...Pow...Zock...Yes, Zock...

Seems I was tagged teamed this weekend by "Batman" & "Robin"

First, I was "toyed" with on Friday. 
I was expecting some stuff from Amazon & it was due that day. 
It was just supposed to be a small package, a small can of touch up paint, so I was a little surprised when I opened the box & saw this stuff:






Now I was totally baffled... Huh
The package from Amazon was addressed to me...straight from Amazon and I had just "scouted" a few of those items. 
In fact, just the night before I had looked at the Batduck on Amazon!

I later saw the hint in another thread...they package I received was the "Appetizer"..... Hmm

Sneaky...using Amazon to "toy" with return address too....I wish I had thought of doing that.

It did come from the I guessing it came from Robin the Mum.... Tongue   Big Grin

to be continued......
Part II

Sock...Pow...Zock...Yes, really,  Zock...

Now Saturday the day went on, I felt less tense, forgetting about the mail...until it came, late in the day.


and I'd add in a Bam, Biff and  Sock too!
A box arrived....I'm not sure from where, as it had no return address!  The only clue was that it was marked from "Great Britain"
I'll let the pics show the damage...

The main course:



and dessert:

This had to be the work of Batster...or um.....Parkman.....I'm not quite sure though Rolleyes

This does confirm that the Batcave is indeed in the UK, with a possibly outlet somewhere in NJ.  More research is needed though.
Heading home in the morning but I had nothing to do with this..
Holy crap!

I just discovered something else, hidden in the package!!!

Details & pics in the morning!
Set the squeaky geeky up to sneak attack the Bat while he vacations with his girls?

What did you expect?

Blame Harpo since you are both so close.

He can think of me in his bath with the batduck while throwing battarangs at you to bring him beer opened with the battleopener while you sip coffee from the batmug

The stogies all have age but I’d let them rest after being flown from the cave without a proper case. There are some sticks from your list in there and a few of my favourites from over the years as well as a couple of surprise stogies.

The chocs are for your good lady and we’re originally a diversion for customs to hide the last surprise.

As for the last surprise ... that’s a sample of something very special ... ice and/or a dash of water only ... mix that with coke and you will be dead to me forever.

Here’s the new bat signal by the way ... it’s the signal for “don’t ever do that again or next time I’ll really hurt you”.

[Image: c44b36cb3112931685e907f9212a43d3.jpg]

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Wow. The Kilted Crusader and his sidekick Mum Wonder teaming up to lay the smackdown on the holy address keeper! What a hit. Incredible selection of stogies.
I can't wait to see what else Jan found in there.
Well done!!
Holy crap!!!!!!
Part III

Sock...Pow...Zock...Yes, really,  Zock...

Now I understand what "Zock" is.....

Inside the box of chocolates was this:

Looking forward to your review .... it pairs up nicely with a Por isom by the way

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(04-30-2018, 03:24 AM)Parkster Wrote: [ -> ]As for the last surprise ... that’s a sample of something very special ... ice and/or a dash of water only ... mix that with coke and you will be dead to me forever.

I'd never add anything other than ice and/or a drop of water.  

I've always remembered the wisdom that you have shared about Whisky.
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