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Full Version: Bat cave diving
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[Image: 7712cc15fb9ba5286f482fd00eb525dc.jpg]

No need to say anything more than .... This is gonna hurt

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You were just here. Hopefully this is staying offshore..
Popcorn time!!
I love this all the big dogs are at it
Ha, can't wait.
This is done .... count down timer is ticking.

Do I feel any guilt?

[Image: c18b4217ed53a8c9513c87f794a47e20.jpg]

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That didn't take long...
I needed to get this out to clear my feet ... been a busy bat and need to focus on future operations .... it was a mistake poking me with a stick .... I’m awake now.

This is the first

Not the last

[Image: 69356730950abd47b0ad7c704b559e56.jpg]

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Easy there cow boy or should I say Batman....
A little poke every now & then is good for everyone.
Don't go all bats on us just because someone put a toe in your bath water.... Tongue
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