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Full Version: The LK - Not in Retirement
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It didn't take long for the Great Lk to seek revenge on the Mum.
As you all know this past Easter Sunday (The holy of all holy days) I finally got my revenged when the LK put a hurtin on me back in 2010. 

See recent thread below:

On that Tuesday April 3rd when the four of us met at Kuma's (Dave, Mario, Chris and The Mum), The Lk came packing.

He gifted me a box of "My father Sampler Cigars only given out at events"

[Image: IMG_20180415_110747.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180415_110926.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180415_110955.jpg]

This is an excellent sampler that I will surely enjoy..
Mario coming strong. Very nice!
That's a beautiful hit!!!
Wow, sweet
Now I read the post & thread title again...I'm confused....

Jimmie....who is this mysterious "LK"?   Huh

Isn't that just some old myth from decades & decades ago?   Rolleyes   Tongue   Big Grin
I haven’t seen or heard from Mario so I assumed
He was retired and in Florida with all the old men playing golf
in his jazzy
The LK used to be a young guy driving a caddy
Bombing everyone real hard now he is in Florida in a gated community
Driving his jazzy looking at all the old ladies
So I heard
Whatever happened to the "LK"?
A sleeping LK should not be awakened. I am late to this thread, but I can still see it hurtin'. Damn! Very nice hit!
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