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Full Version: The Lion Roars
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And quacks like a duck.
The Lion and I had a hockey bet, his Ducks against my Devils. I actually went to the game to witness my home team win.
Well, the Diamond made good on the bet, in fact he overpaid.
The Note:
[Image: 00000_IMG_00000_BURST20180305175624.jpg]

These stogies are unbelievable. Two my father's box press stogies. The Judge and his little brother - La Opulencia.
A Espinosa Habano (never had one) and The Wise Man.
Funny story with the Wise man. I had just emailed Nicholas Melillo - President of Foundation Cigar Company, maker of the Wise Man stogies.

He was on Cigar Jukebox this past week and announced they will be coming out with a softbox press Mumcero at the IPCPR show this July.

He got back to me and confirmed they will be shipping to retailers in September. The mail comes in and low & behold, the lion includes a Wise Man.
The Stogies:
[Image: IMG_20180305_173842.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20180305_173810.jpg]

Thanks again Mr. Lion..
Wow... he does come out every once in a while... it is usually either to mess with Mum or get his hair done.

Nice job!

[Image: lion_o_408369.jpg]
Lol , nice job
He's Alive!

Nice hit!!
Good stuff!!!
Great hit!!
Nice hit on a class act!
I am more of a Cobain style, MaytagMan

[Image: latest_zpsrvheno84.png]

ENJOY MUMFATHER! My beloved Ducks hurt me that night, but we will have our revenge on March 18! Even Maytag will root for them on his birthday! The Wise Man is a great smoke! Had another one tonight. I will look for the mumceros when they come out. The Judge and La Opulencia are other excellent offerings in the My Father series and some of my favorites. Bill tipped me to the Espinosa. Enjoy in good health, my friend.
The Diamond Lion has roared:

[Image: IMG_20180312_090438.jpg]
LOL...That is awesome, Mumfather!

Round Two against a Red Hot Devils team tomorrow night.
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