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I managed to wangle a day off, and was looking forward to waking up when my body decided I had enough sleep as opposed to the alarm making me sit bolt upright before my eyes were even open as usual



This happened

I could see it was from the Mum, and never gave much thought that anything was untoward as he had offered to help with shipping a purchase from GMJager

The Mum being the Mum though .... It's never that straight forward



My purchases from GMJager, thanks buddy, I am happy as Larry

Then there is Mums bodyguards


Thanks Jimmie, as usual, you can't just do the favour you offer to help with

I'm happy the Batcave address is still a secret and won't forget you took the opportunity to hit me either

The Mum dont Play awesome hit Mum
Wow wtf is going on around here
Very nice!
Well done, Jimmie!
Freaking international postage more than doubled from last year but thankfully it got there without a hitch.

Perhaps, I'll hit the pick 4 lottery and mail another package or better yet, I'll wait for my Social Security check to come and not pay the monthly utility bill.  Tongue

Either way, the singing Scotsman might be howling soon.
He does me a favour, then decides to give me a kick while he is at it and then threatens me as a parting shot!!!!

Then, just to rub it in I'm searching through the TV listings and find this

Must be an OLD movie !!!! Smile
lol SJS. One of those silent films
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