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Full Version: Turn Back Tuesday: (A.K.A. Blast from the past)
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So about 8 years ago... ok closer to 9 now... I used my personal web site a lot more than I do now.
My blog is long gone, but some remnants apparently remain.

This back when "bloggers" were starting to experiment with video blogs or "vlogs".
And this was back before YouTube was as huge as it is now.

One of the services many people used to host the video was "".
Blip has changed their business model a couple of time since then. Recently they sent an email to me warning that all those old videos were going to be deleted.

I logged in to see what was there, as I had honestly forgotten.

So here's a younger, sillier me... enjoying a nice cigar.
(though I MAY have gotten the year of the cigar wrong...)

Blast from the past:
* Not sure how long the below link will work *
Cigar,Beer, and a Friday Night
Nice. I enjoyed your laid back chilling on the deck while smoking a good stogie and drinking a good beer, while hanging out with the best friend video!