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Full Version: Short smokes.
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Lately I have been finding myself in the situation where I am craving a cigar and want something smaller like a cigarillo when I do not have time to smoke a full cigar.
When I was in this situation when living in Europe I would smoke Cuban Cohiba cigarillos from a tin of 20 (about $28 U.S. dollars). They are slightly smaller than the size of a non-filtered cigarette. Or Trinidad No. 5 (44 X 4 1/2)

Occasionally when I could not find the previous two then I would get some Villigar Export Maduros, which are good for traveling because they do not need humidification, they are decent quick smokes that are "ok" tasting.

Does anyone know of affordable cigarillos in a tin that are good? I like med-full or full. I do not like flavored such as CAO's flavored line, or acids.

Has anyone here ever had any experience with La Aurora Principes?


Don Pepin Garcia Perla
The Don pepin are great little smokes.
The Petite Corona is one of my favorite sizes. I also liked the Oliva Serie G in the Special G size.
(10-14-2012, 05:55 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: [ -> ]The Don pepin are great little smokes.

Any Room 101 Papi Chulo is great, not quite cigarillo but it's 4x42 so it's small. Oliva G has some ultra small size cigar that's good too.
Can't really go wrong with a Pepin Firecracker
La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero #452
Tatuaje Fausto FT114 Short Robusto
Montecristo mini's and RyJ Club's are also good if its a cigarillo you crave .... not too badly priced either. I use these when its that "smoke break" time for some of the guys in my team, a couple of them have actually started to ditch the Marleboro's in favour of these type of smoke.

I cant remember the small cigars that Fishhound gifted me a few years back ...... came in a flip top wooden pack, 6 cigars ..... I do know that I loved them like a fat kid loves cake and wish I could remember what they were so I could get more ordered.
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