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Full Version: Another North Dakota herf
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It had been a few months since I headed up to North Dakota so when work said they had some business in the area I volunteered. Now I find myself with two trees dug up, two cigars down, and one dead squirrel. Or as Tank calls it a normal Tuesday evening. I'm up here all week so this could get crazy.
[Image: A7D018E6-E562-42C9-BC3E-91655A624BEB-102...2445DE.jpg]


Dooley neglected to mention that the normal Tuesday evening includes an episode ted Nugent Outdoors in HD!
Dinner time Dooley?
Looks like fun...
Have fun guys
This herf got out of control quickly.
[Image: E7075BDD-67AE-41E3-90AF-FD6C848D6D47-103...39E9A5.jpg]
[Image: 6E6F6315-D464-4FCE-913C-A2629B54F454-103...8B65DC.jpg]
I would expect no less from you two...
WOW. looks like someone else's tea bags are getting moistened. How long you gonna be up there Dooley?
Until Friday unless I get deported before then.
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