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Full Version: I got torpedoed last night
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I got torpedoed last night...details & pics to follow....
Big Grin
Haha nice
WE ARE WAITING..........
Every now & then I get out to go see Skipper at J. Barbera's a really nice b/m near us. We usually hang for a bit in the lounge & enjoy a few cigars.

Last night I went & got there before Skip. I was smoking a cigar when he sent me a message..."don't light up your 2nd cigar". Well, long story short... Skip comes in & hands me an Olive V Melanio Chuchill. It was the 1st one that I've smoked & I've got to say it was very, very nice! I love the V & this one was so smooth. Then as if that wasn't enough, he hands me a bag & says these are for you.

Here are the pics of what was in the bag.

[Image: PA060007.jpg]

[Image: PA060009.jpg]

It was totally unexpected & a complete surprise.

Thank you Skipper!!!

Wow very nice!
Way to go Skipper! Nice hit.
"Kimosabe" really means "Tonto got scalped!" Big Grin Great job, Skipper, very nice hit on a great guy.


Skipper is good at sneak attacks like that! Nice job Skipper!
That is a 1st class hit from a 1st class brother to another 1st class brother.
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