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Full Version: What time is Cigar Time?
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Some of us are creatures of habit. Other spontaneous. I think we all have that time of day or time of the week that calls for the right cigar. What times of day or scenarios call out to you and why?

For me I really like the medium to full smoke that seems to compliment an afternoon with some free time. I enjoy the after dinner stick as well, but for some reason some of my best experiences have been in the mid-afternoon timelines. How about you?

I agree with mid afternoon. I love sitting on the deck with a book and a cigar.

But for me, the best cigars are always those that are enjoyed with friends.
I love the after work cigar, especially right about now on a friday!!!
Summer afternoons to evening! (never anytime where I am rushed, that destroys it)
Anytime, whenever I can relax, Just had a stogie while cutting the grass.
(10-05-2012, 02:48 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: [ -> ]Anytime, whenever I can relax, Just had a stogie while cutting the grass.

Anytime just about sums it up.
ummmm mine is usually thursday's an then when i am out of town i tend to try to smoke the whole time i am out
Now that winter has kicked on LITERALLY OVERNIGHT, (105 then dropping to 55) I have to say "DAYTIME", unless I find a B&M or lounge.
Most of the time its after a stressful day, or on a Friday/Saturday night to relax. I do enjoy a nice Sunday after breakfast/midday cigar as well.
When I was smoking cigars all the time, I'd start the day out with an early morning cigar with some strong coffee. Then I'd lay off until my last appointment of the day was done and light one up on the long drive home. Once back in the cave, I'd light up a final cigar with a nightcap. That was my usual habit, and I really enjoyed it.

So, I guess early morning and late at night, for me.

These days, I work so many damn hours... I'm lucky to EVER smoke a cigar. Which is why God put Easy-E in my life... to make sure I get the Recommended Weekly Allowance of stogies in my diet.
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