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Full Version: My first two boxes
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I'm feeling pretty good. This weekend I recieved my first two boxes. I've never purchased a box of cigars. I think I may have under estimated how many cigars 20 cigars can really be. So 40 actually.
both were more than half off at and CI, and I they were my favorites when I was in Afghanistan.
1 box of El Mejor Emeralds and one box of 5 Vegas A's
The First Emerald wasn't as good as I remember it from a few years ago, but maybe my tastes have matured. But it's still a good casual smoke for me.
The 5 Vegas is just how I remember it. It brings me back to A-stan, in a good way.

I used to climb up on top of the post office after my shift ended, and smoke. Looking out over the desert with the breeze in my face, it was almost a nice place. Those were the moments I enjoyed

Just marking a mile stone in my life. Smile
Sounds great, thanks for serving
Cool enjoy them!
Congrats on your 1st purchases!
Welcome to the slippery slope !!!! That will be 2 of many boxes to come !!!! Enjoy !!!
(09-17-2012, 02:18 PM)SJS Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to the slippery slope !!!! That will be 2 of many boxes to come !!!! Enjoy !!!

Big +1

After reading the posts on this site, and looking around other cigar websites, I feel like I want to try everything. It's like smoke hyper drive all over again. Only this time I don't have disposable income. I'll have to pick my sticks more carefully.
A good feeling indeed.
I remember moments like those.
Thanks for serving and great story
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