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Full Version: Win a box of AKA Cigars at RobbyRasReviews
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Hello all, had the pleasure of meeting the guys at AKA (AmericanKickAss) Cigars on one of the CigarChats from After lighting up one of their cigars, I must say they are pretty damn good!

As such, I thought I would let you all in on a contest being held by RobbyRasReviews himself and AKA Cigars to win an autographed box of the AKA cigar and size of your choice at:

Enjoy & Good Luck!

Love the AKA cigars. I got to hang out with Jay a few days ago. Great guy
Nice thanks
About to light up an AKA Hybrid myself and couldn't agree more the guys were definitely stand up guys. Was a fun interview.
Its always a good time hanging out with Jay. Great reviews on the site.
is there a review on one of these somewhere? i saw these on an was curious about them. what are some flavour profiles on these
There are several different sites that actually review them, personally, I'd recommend going to you can read his review, comments from others and actually browse his interview archives in, in which one of the interviews is actually with the creators of these cigars. I actually was lucky enough to win a sampler of AKA cigars during the live interview cigar chat on that site. The cigars are great! They range in strength from the solace being the lights followed by hybrid and then respect. The last 2 were my favorite, I definitely recommend trying them out!
The Respect is a really strong cigar. Great taste, but make sure you have some food on your stomach before you smoke one.
I have had a handful of the Hybrids, and while they were by no means bad, I just found them a little bit flat.