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Full Version: Getting the Hot peppers ready to Jar
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[Image: 7CA0BB47-9576-43C0-8099-3F22DB8A76EC-463...DA3DC7.jpg]

[Image: 860AC68D-8D93-4976-8ABC-1D25F6FB5673-463...77D979.jpg]

Jam and Mrs jelly were cutting up 25 lbs of Long italian hots getting ready to jar them
Always look so good, and are..yummo
Nice joe
Nice Joe!
Lets see the rest of the process.
Mrs Jelly looking great as always, and those peppers look scrumptious.
AWESOME Joe. When is it eggplant time?
Looks awesome.
are there some recipes around for this ?
(08-31-2012, 09:23 AM)nayslayer Wrote: [ -> ]are there some recipes around for this ?

You can check mine. I did a whole thread on it.
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