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Full Version: Annual Mum/LK Beach Compound Herf 2012
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Once again the Great Mum and Mrs. Mum extend their gracious invitation to the LK Family for a beautiful extended weekend at the private Mum Beach House Compound in beautiful Lavallette.

This may be our 4th year coming now and the mini LK's look forward to seeing Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Donna as well as the rest of the family. The LK always feels special and well taken care of here. Especially when Mum grants weekend access to the LK Troop which is NEVER given out to non-family members!

Great memories are always made at the beach house. The herf commenced last night and continued past 3am this morning! A total of 6 sticks were burned. That is the usual ritual! The Mums are great hosts as always with the special rooms all setup even with signs on the doors for the guests.

We kicked off the traditional MUM breakfast this morning with the famous MUM omelet with the fresh garden veggies. Pics will follow! The LK of course came packing and I will post about that later on! I foresee a small sitdown in true LK fashion approaching soon.

I will continue updating the thread.....
It felt like Vegas last night, herfing till 3AM. I woke up this moring and thought I should head over to the Mirage and place a few bets. LOL

Always good to have the great LK and his family at the compound. Looking forward to the meals as the LK came packing with steaks, sausage, peppers, onions and garlic. Damn it smells great.

We have some rain this morning but that's not gonna hold us back from herfing or showing the twins a good time.

A few surprises are in store for everyone... Big Grin
Sounds like a great time have fun guys!
The compound is a great place and the Mums are incredible hosts.

Have fun folks
Sounds like a great time!
Excellent looking forward to the pics!
It will probably take until the Annual Mum/LK Beach Compound Herf 2013 before we see any pics.....Just saying.....
The LK at the beach:

[Image: 2012-08-10_15-36-42_574.jpg]

[Image: 2012-08-10_20-24-40_5.jpg]

Herfing with Tank:

[Image: 2012081095204047.jpg]
So the back of the truck opens......a few bags fell out... Mum steps back and asks: "So are you staying for two weeks!???" hahahahahahahha

So the weekend begins! Lol

Notice the famous Vegas luggage from a few years ago! Still going strong! Been everywhere! Lol

[Image: a654c112.jpg]
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