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Full Version: Cain F Maduro – review by Mum & Tank
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As most of you know Tank & I are on the Nub 2012 Advisory Board.
Here's a review of the Cain F Maduro which is part of the Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler.

Cain F Maduro – review by Mum & Tank
Cutter: V Cut
Drink; Water & Gatorade
Location: Truck, driving slow as we were transporting a tree

5 Mums;
5 Tanks
We loved this cigar, fully enjoyable!!

[Image: 2012-05-16_13-46-48_220.jpg]

This stogie had a slight barn yard smell on the pre light. It was good right from the start and a nice retro-hale with hints of white pepper.
Both Tank and I could taste the spice on our lips, especially with the V cut.

[Image: 2012-05-16_13-48-58_347.jpg]

The first third:
[Image: 2012-05-16_14-05-58_723.jpg]

It is stronger than the Daytona but not harsh. There is tons of smoke with this stogie and personally I love to retro-hale this cigar.
It has a beautiful burn, a nice white ash and just impressive.

Here’s Tank giving a thumb up (well two fingers up).

[Image: 2012-05-16_14-00-25_820.jpg]

The profile was basically even from start to the end of the second third.

Did I say we didn’t want to put this stogie down?
During the last third, there was some sweetness like a tangy sweet.

This is a perfect after dinner smoke with red wine / some port.
Tanks said some Zacapa rum or a Boston Lager.

The last third still maintained its original profile but slightly sweeter.
This was not overly rich / strong. It finished with a nice peppery flavor.

You will not get tired of this stogie.

Think we liked it:
[Image: 2012-05-16_15-15-44_849.jpg]

Would we smoke the Cain F Maduro again? Without a doubt, in a heartbeat.
Would we buy a box, don’t even ask.


Cant wait to try it.
Nice review guys!
Seriously interested in this beautiful stick.

Great review guys

That's one hell of a harness for a straight truck! Were you two doing stunts with it?
nice review, do you know what wrapper they are using?

I'm not a fan of the natural at all.
(05-30-2012, 01:10 AM)wingo Wrote: [ -> ]nice review, do you know what wrapper they are using?

I'm not a fan of the natural at all.

I believe it's the San Andreas Maduro
Great review!

I'll have to find these.