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Full Version: Infused Cigars in your humidor
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This is a fairly quick and easy question. Would you endanger your non infused cigars if you were to put infused cigars in the same humidor. Im going to assume the answer is yes but I wanted to hear some more input on this matter. I currently do not have any infused cigars but may grab a few just to try for shits and giggles. Any info or tips would be great! P.S I did a search through past threads to make sure this had not been a topic and the site said no so lol as a newbie hope I'm not posting to much!
1) You wont really "endanger" the non-infused/flavored cigars... However, they will begin to start tasting like the infused/flavored cigars which is a bad thing.

2) If your just going to pickup a few, I would just keep them in a plastic bag with maybe a humidity pillow or packet inside (most cigar shops have these and will let you have one for free, sometimes they will charge you like $1-2 for one).
Thanks Teck!
No, I would NOT.
Don't bother to even pick up any.
Now you say, WHY?
Because, the after spending some time in this forum you will answer your own question with my answer.
Fair enough. Thanks mum
Don't do it! That would be like leaving your wife's open perfume bottle in your humidor...

Keep them far far away... Like at Tank's house! Big Grin
A separate humidor or large baggie is the way to go Wink
I'm a fan of CAO flavours but even I keep them in a seperate plastic bag.