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Full Version: what do you think of this idea?
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what do you think of having an annual Stogiechat herf? don't know where it could be held, or when exactly. i just thought it would be amazingly kick-a$$ if all of us got together and smoked up the place. i think it would be the event of the year.
there is one planned for june at Robs place in NY.
I thik we were scheduled to have one in Ybor, FL a few onths ago, and spring went right the F* by us and we didn't do it.  I think an annual SC herf is a great idea. 

I would like to throw out there also the idea of doing this up near ET, and we can buy a bunch of his cigars while we're herfin', but I don't know how that works out for him.  Hell, I don;t even know if there is a shop up there.  ET, do you have a storefront, or is it all internet sales?
All internet.   We have been looking at some bigger buildings to use for both our operations and for a walk-in store.   But the area already has a couple cigar stores which really don't do that well.    Anything walk-in around here is not worth it unless its a doctors office, government office, or if you are giving away free food.  :?

This here is an event we do every year that is nearby:


All the beer you can drink for the entire weekend.  Also includes bands, entertainment, and did I say beer?    Camping is also included....bring a tent or camper!     (No, cigars are not free....but I have some incredible deals during the show!)

Some of us got together a long time ago in FL.
It was SOOooo much fun.
We talked about making it an anual thing but it never came together.

It would be cool to pull this off.

The location could change each year if need be.

It would be nice to see some of the cigar sights around the country.
YBOR CITY!!!!! that place is cigar heaven!! i used to live in orlando, and i LOVED going there on some weekends. i think if Stogiechat has a herf anywhere, Ybor City should be in the top 3 choices. fresh, off the line Fuentes, unbanded, for CI sale prices. amazing!
We were in St. Pete and planned on going to YBOR but never made it.
We all had well stocked humis with us ... and enjoyed sitting, talking, eating, playing cards, and hitting the dog track. Smile

All of that we could do anywhere I guess... but if you're going for an event full of places to go and things to do YBOR would be a good choice.

Yea, cause you know.. Since im so close to everyone.  Tongue

I think its a good idea though, to meet up and actually meet the person behind the posts.
It would be to hard for use left coasters to go that far. 
I think it would be too hard to arrange a national herf...but a semi local herf, like the south east region and north east region etc. would be doable and fun! (oh and +1 for Ybor!)

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