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why are torpedo shaped cigars
why are cigars shaped like a torpedo so much easier to draw from? i would think it should be harder since the opening it smaller when you cut it? the smoke i get from them is about twice to 3 times has much then from a regular shaped cigar

So one can send maritime bombs!    [lol]
From what I understand the torpedo shape condenses the flavors into a stronger format due to its shape and nature.   The flavor tends to be stronger versus a cigar with a consistant ring gauge from head to foot.   I am sure other's will chime in.

There are torpedo's that I can just barely break the "seal" so to speak on the end with my fingernail and obtain a good draw.   If this does not work and the draw is tough I use my Xicar and trim up a little.   However, there are torpedo's that I have had to really clip in order to even get a decent draw.
They are and they isn't, really.

I generally use a punch on non-torps, because I like the draw better, but sometimes, the filler leaf is bunched so tight under the cap I have to resort to a cutter to get a good draw going.

With a torpedo, you're cutting further up the pressed filler . . . I suspect that if you're finding torpedos easier drawing, it's because you're cutting above the compacted leaf on torps, but not on regular vitolas. They all get tighter at the cap end, so the draw you get depends considerably on where you cut.


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