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sent a online friend $50
 this is a friend from another forum..a hookah forum actually..and to be honest hes the one that got me interested in cigars and he said he could set me up with a sampler and a humidor made out of Tupperware..with humidity beads and 3 different style cutters..and a total of 16 cigars..price was $50...if you guys can give me your opinion on these sticks i would appreciate it..thank you

[Image: 02-03-09_1356.jpg]
[Image: 02-03-09_1357.jpg]
[Image: 02-03-09_1358.jpg]
 [Image: 02-03-09_1359.jpg]

About $3 a stick...not too bad.   Some of them are OK. Haven't tried others. You'll find out which ones you like and never buy some of the others.  Just smoke 'em and enjoy 'em.
Freakin' ray of sunshine, ain't I.
ya i wasnt really expection them to be 90+ in the scoring but its something to get my taste buds going and figuring out what i like..

the Nubs are nice. I got a box of Torp Habanos. Little harsh at first freshness but after a month or two they rock.

Lotta people love the Series A, I got a few torps. Not a fan of them. Mine have some kind of floral taste to them which I didn't expect.

Looks like you used your phone's camera there Wink


Start on the right, and smoke to the left.

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

either way it was a very nice gesture to get you started like that. there are definately some nice sticks there, the nubs, the LGC, the 5 Vegas, the indian trabac, and the CAO in my experience are all good. There may be other good ones in there as well, Ive only had a handful of the brands in there.

Enjoy it!
ive always believed in the term one persons crap is another mans bread and so others may have tryed them and it wasnt for them..but who knows..i could very well have my favorite cigar in there

Looks like a decent collection to get started with. I havent had many of them either, but the flor de oliva's arent too bad. the Nub's are good as well, the others, I couldnt tell you
ya im not complaining..i mean he threw in 3 different cutters..regular kind, a v cutter and punch style..and the tupperdore is very nice..not of cheap quality..its about 14''x10''x3'' and a 5'' tube of humidity beads the kind on heartfelts site..

You got a good deal.  I have had many of those - most of them I liked.  Personally, of the ones I have tried - the LGC, Nubs, CAO, Taboo, and the 5 Vegas were my favorites.  I have not had them all and you would never make it out of the door at a B&M for that price.  [thumbsup]

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