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on line retailers
banzaitoyota Wrote:
Mark71GTX Wrote:
banzaitoyota Wrote:I ordered a 6 pack NUB Sampler last week. 2 of the NUBs I cut had the wrapper crack. That is with 2 different cutters that cut well.
I have heard that from about everyone who has tried one - it is a new line - that problem may go away with age???

Thats interesting, because when I asked SAM about the issue he said he had yet to see it
I have not actually seen it myself either.
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Wow. Eric does have some great prices. I think he will be my new supplier when the time comes to order more. Thanks guys for being so helpful to a novice like me. Remeber, maduro is a wonderful thing.

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