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new fellow
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Hi fellows, I m Milos half Serbian and half Greek , and really new with cigars, but willing to learn much more and participate ! Waiting for your posts and comments anytime. That s for now, BB Wink
Welcome aboard, what have you smoked so far?
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Welcome from Wisconsin!
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I ve been smoking the last year, and tried Cuban Cigars. Cohiba, at first, then Bolivar... but I want to grow my tastes
Welcome from NJ. You have fine taste buds and access to excellent cigars.

Do you have access to other manufacturers? 
Are you into more of a creamy smoke or full bodied / pepper type of smoke?

You can check out the what are you smoking thread:
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Welcome from California!

Hello from Long Island, NY
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Welcome from California!
A third welcome from California! Great to have you here, Milos; you will learn a lot.
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