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my search for the last real cigar i had
Jordan Wrote:i'm very serious

i got it at this place called smoke ring but they no longer have them

may just go back to google, i'll find it one day, thanks anyway

Seems like if you asked someone there, they might at least be able to tell you the BRAND to which it belonged...then maybe Google would help...  
MaduroAccountant Wrote:
US_Tank Wrote:Your best bet is to log onto Famouscigars, Holts, Finck's etc. and start scanning the cigar for sale pictures.  Good Luck! 

Or, just buy a Padron 1964 Anniversary and don't look back! could buy an LFD Oscuro L-300 and don't look back!!! Big Grin


Or you get any Tatuaje brown label and not look back!
LMAO @ boar. Big Grin[lol]

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