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its a good day to buy Camacho
so after seeing the seemingly decent deal on cigarmonster,com with the camacho travel bag with cigars going for $160, i decided to look up some more things on Famous regarding Camacho.

They also have a pretty good deal on the SLR Figurados.  The sale ends today according to the website.

While on the subject, whats your favorite Camacho line?  Its a brand Ive been looking to get into but dont know where to start and my local places dont seem to have too much of thier stuff.

Madurodave hit me with a Coyolar a few months back that was outstanding.  any direction from here would be great.  thanks
Scorpion(#1 hands down), Triple Maddie, the Corojo & 10th Anni lines...
The Diploma is my favorite.
aracos Wrote:[color="red"]Scorpion(#1 hands down), Triple Maddie, the Corojo & 10th Anni lines[/color]...
DITTO !!![thumbsup]  Tried my first ever Scorpion from Aracos, now I'm hooked [curse]!!!!
aka: The Bouncer
"I Herfed with The Mum" !! And have the shirt to prove it !!!!
I got my "Big Cock t-shirt from Tankie !!!
thanks guys!  out of those, i think the Corojo is the only one that is reasonably priced as an everyday smoke.


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