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if you could only smoke 1 cigar
I really have no idea what my favorite cigar is. 
AHHH-Hah!!! Nailed it. Sad. Very sad. [baby] You need professional help, my friend.
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My favorite today.

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Skipper thought he ruffled some feathers, but this is what I'd smoke for a great while IF I could get them. Now, don't knock it unless you've tried it.

What do you think of this cigar? New as I am, I've logged some different brands and I thought this Montecruz was as good as the best ones I've tried.

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I haven't had much but I loved the HDM Epicure Maduro.
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crowb8 Wrote:My favorite today.


Mine too!
VR Famosos and Trini Fundadores immediately popped into my head.

On the domestic side, I have been having a damn great time with the Padilla 1932 Mumceros lately.

Tatuaje Maravilla
Give me a Fundadore anyday and I'd be happy.  Nothing brings thoughts of the good island more to mind more than a fundadore.  The '98's I had were the best cigar I've ever smoked.  It pisses me off every time I read Mark commenting about how he still has some!Tongue  I smoked those bad boys up so fast!  They were like crack to me.  I shared one with my best friend (Tank knows Troy) some years back on a summer afternoon where we both played hookey from work to chill and play cribbage and catch up.  It is one of my fondest memories of a very long friendship and the smoke had a LOT to do with that. 

If you haven't smoked a fundadore, do so as soon as you humanly can.

                            - nuff saidWink
leafandale Wrote:Tatuaje Maravilla


What is this?  [cigar]

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