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humi/cigar questions
Ok, Im  really a pain in the a** here! but I have a couple more questions. I just recieved my humidor yesterday. Im in tehe seaoning process right now at the moment. I have ordered an electric hygrometer but it wont be here when im ready to put the cigars in it. I followed the directions on calibrating my hygrometer but it doesnt seem to be working. I did the salt and water test as the directions said. it didnt move at all. when i moved the hygrometer it moved all over the place and didnt say where it started. Im not sure if its broken, if it will figure itself out, if it will be even safe to put the cigars in the humi before i recieve the digital one!? help!!!


second, i ordered a sampler pack from Thompson...a waste, but they are good cigars but half of them are hard and the other half are soft and ready to smoke. is there any way to reverse the hardness of the cigars?


Thank you all for your help and putting up with a noob!
I wouldn't put the cigar in he humidor until you have that hygrometer calibrated or two cents.
If you receive your humidor yesterday then I'm not sure if it's ready yet. How did you season it. What was your process?

As far af Thompson, well, you get what you paid for.

The hard ones need to be seasoned for a while but I would have to wonder if they are even worth it. Thompson is not known for good quality..
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