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how do you insert a picture into a post?
i keep trying to finger out how to insert a picture into a post. all i can do is put in a link to a pic instead of an actual picture. how do you guys do that?
I've been trying the same thing. Still no pic.
When you are making a post you should see this along the right side of the top area where you are posting.

[Image: quote.gif][Image: image.gif][Image: link.gif][Image: code.gif][Image: spell_check.gif]

The second from the left, the one w/ three balls is for pictures, click on it.

***a window will open that has a space that has http://  in it, this is where the url for the picture goes.

to get the url, find the picture on the internet that you want.  It has to be a picture hosted on the web, either one you have on shutterfly or photobucket or otherwise, or just a pic from a website, stuff on your computer or pics from an email don't count.

right click the picture and from the menu that appears, click on properties.

you will see several different pieces of info, the url is the one that starts w/ the http://

highlight this and right click, from the menu that appears there, click copy

now coming back to the window that appeared (go to the *** I have above) right click and click paste and the url will appear, then hit OK in that wondow

make sense, or too wordy?
like this?
there is no 3 balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: motocanaglia_moto.gif]
I found the 3 balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [rob][party4][wow]
[Image: oregonian_pcwhack.gif]
[user=29]Bluesman455[/user] wrote:
Quote:I found the 3 balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a medical condition, Don. Wink

*It's NOT a tooo-mah!*

Bluesman455 Wrote:I found the 3 balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [rob][party4][wow]



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