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holy crap!

have you guys seen that new Veyron?

1001 HP

top speed of 252 MPH (407 HPH). 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds (if my physics does me right that will push you back with around 4 G's). In less than 10 seconds (les time than it takes me to light a cigar) this thing will do over 250!!!

It has a rear wing and spoiler than adjusts automatically for stability and will even act to help you stop like a parachutte.

7 gear transmission.

16 cylinder engine.


play with this awesome websight (click the configurator then click the car to "fade in highlights" then check out all the little links)... check out all the features. It is a beast in art. If I had the $ I'd HAVE to own one of these things... (santa?)

Yeah I got one this week but it is stuck in the snow  Tongue

Shoulda got it in 4 wheel drive with snow tires Wink
How many gallons per mile? Confusedhock:
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
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Tonto The Long Island Sidekick Wrote:How many gallons per mile? Confusedhock:
it really doesn't punch it really hard and momentum will get you the rest of the way
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Tonto The Long Island Sidekick Wrote:How many gallons per mile? Confusedhock:

From the Wiki -- "At top speed, the Veyron will empty it's fuel tanks in less than 12 minutes."

Let's see ... 250 miles per hour, for less than a quarter hour is about 55 miles.

You can buy an airplane that will go 600 miles an hour and span half the planet for a lot less.
yeah, but then you get to coast for the rest of the half planet.

Besides, I think the Bugati will get more chicks!
Top Gear raced this car against a light aircraft from Italy to London to deliver some truffles to a restraunt.

Jerremy Clarkson is very rarely speachless, but could not put into words how he felt driving this car, it was a stunning piece of television to watch, with exceptional camera work of not only the car, but the surounding countries as he blasted through them. It remains one of my favourite pieces of automotive TV to this day. Which is saying a lot as I still get goosebumps from the 2004 season finally race of World Superbikes.

I will see if I can get hold of the episode and send it out on DVD ..... no promises though.


By the way ............... the car won and was certainly the most exciting way to make the journey.



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my heart raced just reading this!
Thanks- I'll check youtube for that at lunch!

The Veyron is badass.  Mmmm.  W-16, Quad-turbo [winner]

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