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finally some good weather here in VA
I know I don't post here often in the wintertime but I'd just like to say I am finally happy to see some warm weather so I can get back to smoking!  With indoor smoking a complete impossibility to me, I look forward to spring time as a chance to sit outside and enjoy a nice cigar while browsing StogieChat.  I always love reading what you all have to say and this site makes a cigar that much more enjoyable!  Lookin forward to many more hours spent on SC and MANY more cigars in the coming months!

you and me are the same..i find myself checking the weather everyday waiting for warm weather so i can smoke outside..i even check it for 5-7 days down the i choose not to smoke inside because of family members..but winter is almost over here but i will invest in a good heater for next year..because i cant go 3 months without smoking a

I guess this would be a bad time to say that the weather here in AZ is beautiful. I had myself a great stogie this afternoon in 70 degree bliss. [smokin] Come this summer though it will be a different story

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