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enjoy it!
In Huntington Beach, we don't really have weather.  We have climate.

The mean temperature doesn't swing more than twenty degrees all year.  It stays around the high low 60's during winter and high 70's, low 80's during summer. 

We typically have one week each of cold (high 40's or so) and hot (90's) weather.  They come at the same time each year.

We have three to four good rainstorms in the winter, and one in the summer that has lightning.  This year is an El Nino year, so it will probably be wetter and colder than normal in winter... it may even get to the 30's!

In the 28 years I have been here, it has hailed three times and snowed once that I can remember.  All lasted less than ten minutes and caused no damage or injury that I know of.  The snow melted immediately when it hit the ground... the hail took half a day.

I think we had one tornado about 20 years ago.  It hit a trailer park.

No hurricanes.  Period. it's always smoking weather here.  The tradeoff is it's expensive to live here... we call it the "Sun Tax."


Being new to cigar smoking I can say that I also truely love a great summer night enjoying a cigar. Recently I have been meeting up with some of the boys from the fire department and sitting out front smoking a nice cigar. Here in Rochester, NY you really appreciate a nice summer night seeing that it could snow the next day. But so far we have had a decent summer! 

I really  enjoy how relaxed I get when I sit down with a nice cigar and just let everything from the day go!
BigE Wrote:I think we had one tornado about 20 years ago.  It hit a trailer park.

What a shocker, those things are magnets for tornados
I like smoking lightning

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