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enjoy it!
I'm sitting on my front porch tonight enjoying the fine leaf.  It's so nice to smoke outside when the weather is fine.  I remember a few nights this winter sitting in my garage by the Buddy heater and it really makes you appreciate a nice summer evening.  Sometimes it is just a beautiful thing to sit and relax.

The cigar was just ok but it didn't matter. 
You can say that again. Although temperatures < 40 degrees F. are rare in Tampa Bay, anything below 70 degrees F. is cold to me. I may be able to enjoy a cigar at high noon outdoors during the winter months, but not after dark. It's 82 degrees right now and a perfect summer evening for a smoke in the backyard swing.

And by the way, welcome back nocious, we haven't seen you for a while.

Dan [pirate2]
Coming from MA I know exactly what you mean. i don't have an indoor place to smoke so when the snow hits I'm screwed. Now if summer would only hurry up and arrive to New England, that'd be nice.
"For the man who takes success with ease"
goodfellamatt78 Wrote: Now if summer would only hurry up and arrive to New England, that'd be nice.

Some years it seemed like summer never arrived when I lived in Vermont. The year 2000 was like that, it was damp and cool from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That was the "summer" that Mrs. Crowb8 and I decided to move to Florida. In 2001, we packed up and traded New England for the Sunshine State! We've never regretted our decision for a minute.

Here's a picture of us during our first winter here:  [pirate2]

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I've haven't had a bad summer here since about '01. I don't know why but I remember it raining a lot back then. This one seems reminiscent of that one.:?
"For the man who takes success with ease"
I also really enjoy sitting outside and relaxing whilst smoking a cigar or cigarillo, its great to just chill out and smoke a cigar when the weather is fine
There is nothing like sitting in the yard enjoying a fine smoke.  I like to go out back about 6:00 am.  Its very peaceful, listening to the birds chirp as the city wakes up.

Winter time is another story. 9 months of gray and rain is enough to put a guy on edge.  Lately there has been conversation about getting out of here.  We have talked about San Diego before, and Pheonix recently.  I dont know if we will go anywhere, but we talk about it sometimes.

After seeing you pictures Dan, I think the sunshine state just made the list.
I like smoking lightning
Been too busy house shopping after work to really enjoy this weather.
gotta love it when all the elements come together for a peace of mind herf.

no seasons really down here, just wet and dry season. the one thing that can mess up a stick is when the clouds move in and the humidity skyrockets (cloudforest type stuff). sticks tend to not burn too well then, and they can taste off. and good luck trying to light charcoal for the bbq.

no complaints though. Big Grin
It's been oddly cool here in VA the last couple of weeks.  I'm not complaining though, as it allows me to enjoy a smoke anytime of the day!  Not looking forward to the August heat however...

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