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cigars and the spouse
my wife is completely cool with it as long as I don't smoke around the kids.   I smoke in the house after the kids go to bed.  I just put a fan in the window to create some negative pressure and it sucks the smoke right out of the house as long as you have good air flow...[pimp]
mine actually enjoys the smell of a nice cigar. and occasionally, she will share one with me. but not all that often. she hasn't always been that way though, i used to have to keep an air purifier in every room.
get a lawyer
Mrs. Crowb8 likes the aroma of most cigars and rates them as I smoke. When I log my smokes, I also mention what she said about them.
The wife give me a ton of SHIT about smoking a cigar.   Even the occasional one with the guys.   I even get SHIT when its couple's night and the fellas break off for a stick.

Then she says I spend too much time on Stogie Chat.   Yet she cannot comprehend the friendships I have forged.   I show her the pictures of the Herfs.   She hears my converstions on the telephone.  

I simply state that there is a reason why I am on Stogie Chat more.    And it would be real easy to get me to spend less time there.   Some chics get it and some don't.

Now the girlfriend implies to me to smoke away,  have fun, live life, and be yourself.   She implies to have fun at the herf and I am welcome in her bed anytime stinky stogie smell and all!  She implies that its manly and sexy!   She wants to herf herself and be one of the guys!  Tongue    She implies all this but never really talks.   Mum can tell you why!
Most of the guys who came and stayed late at the MoTown Herf know how mine feels.  I get 100% support and sometimes she smokes with me otherwise she likes to sit and talk while I smoke she loves the smell [winner]  I think she's a keeper so I will keep her around for a while
Nope. Mine bought me a desktop humi full of cigars for xmas.

My girlfriend wasn't happy when I first started and gave me tons of sh*t when I started getting more interested (after joining SC).  But after talking to her about cigars she learned more about it and started coming around.  Now she is cool with it and even bought me a desktop for Christmas and a subscription to CA [thumbsup].  Getting her more knowledgeable about them and involved helped out a lot!
     The fiancee (wow, that's weird to type!) is a cigarette smoker.  When we first met, she smoked far more often than she does now.  I was never bothered by this as my father is, and has always been, cigarette smoker.  These days, my fiancee smokes less often (usually when she's enjoying a few adult beverages), but she has never taken issue with my wish to enjoy a cigar.  The worst she's had to say is, "I can smell cigar on you." 
We only smoke outside or in the smoking room in the basement and the wife smokes cigarettes.

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