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big purchases planned once the colder months are behind us?
with the colder months upon us theres no way i can smoke outside in chicago's below 10 to 25 degree thats when my cigar stash money really adds up in those 4 months and i was wondering if anyone else who doesnt smoke inside does that and if so do you have any plans to make a nice big purchase once the warmer months arrive? i myself am planning to put in a nice arturo feuente order..somewhere around $300 and then pick up some cohibas, some padron 1926, padron 1964 and maybe i can be talked into buying a nice cigar cabinet..anyone else already have a shopping list planned in there

I do. and it's almost completed
that sounds like a great idea. I am going to have to work on my list! Boston winters are not so good so less smoking for me!

Less smoking yes, no less shopping tho. Inventory just builds up..
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I've been buying more than I smoke for years now and I smoke 2 to 3 cigars a day so in the winter I'll still buy just as much as I do now in fact I may buy more cause I'll go to the B&M to smoke so I'll have to buy more when I'm there too.
I don't know why but I thought you smoked at home. You can save some cash by not smoking for sure. I haven't bought anything in a year. Someone made a comment to me once about chasing cigars and it hit me. It's not hard with this place and new ones out every week. The best way is to just but a bunch of samplers to try. I didn't do that and just bought boxes from what I saw and read here. Should have thought everybody has different taste. DUH That's why the pass is so great to get to try many things and then make your list from there.

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yeah thats what im still doing right now..just buying a bunch of single sticks to see what i like

I still do that i buy samplers or 5 packs the best way to try everything and then you can see what you like and dislike and yes at SC you get to try alot also
I have a warm place to go smoke if I choose. I also have kerosene and propane heat for my garage. Just need a little wait time for it to warm up, to come in and enjoy in here. Smile
I do hope to actually start getting some cigars to age, so I can one day have some good ones. Smile
...moving along...nothing left to see here.
maybe in the off season i will try and track down more rare and hard to find sticks.


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