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Yet another NEW Gurkha!!!
CI is outta control!! This is nuts. Hey it may be a good smoke...sure looks good, but CI isnt sitting well with me these days....everything seems to be inferior compared to what you get at the B/M.

The last time there was a Tsunami at SC was many years ago when a young gentleman came in and EARNED the title of Legend Killer
- the Great Parkster

I don't even have words bro. You have absolutely blown the $hit out of me. No come back, I got nothing, speechless - The Shephard PO - RIP July 2007
Gurkha continues to do a terrible job differentiating and defining the myriad of cigar lines the offer.
As uneventful as alot of their product is, you'd think that they would work on what they have instead of coming out with new lines. This seems to be another low production "special" cigar, the likes we've never seen before (lol). They may want to get a new writer too.Smile
moki Wrote:Gurkha continues to do a terrible job differentiating and defining the myriad of cigar lines the offer.
funny, you dont get the myriad at B&M's... just CI & J&R... I'm thinking there's something up. The Gurkhas at my B&M are first rate.
I will only ever buy Ghurka Legends, and not from CI/JR's.
Funny but it says "Torpedo Grande" but that looks like a toro-ish cigar.  That's why I'll only jump at the Legends line any more.  To many cigars that are "special blends" to even figure out what the hell I'm smoking.
My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
But the bands are SO pretty........
JoeBob Wrote:But the bands are SO pretty........
the box on the G3's made it all worth it.
I do like the G3's.

Is the box something special?
the box is one of the best I have (& I have over 400 boxes at this point)...

It is all leather. Even the trays are leather. I have to beat Deb with a stick to stop her from taking it!

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