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Yahoo College Bowl PickEm
Well........let's face it. We have a tiny little group. That just means that everybody has a better chance of winning. I propose that we play for cigars, and since Paul is the only non-cigar smoker here I will cover his cigar ante. How about 2 sticks per person with all winnings going to #1? Everybody needs to get their picks in as the bowl games started today.
[party][party]congrats [user=1205]SmokyOneKenobi[/user] for winning the pool[party2][party2]
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
Thank you to the guys that registered.  We just never got it off the ground this year....  Please don't worry about any winnings.  Just the knowledge of my domination is reward enough...Tongue
WHAT!  I thought I did pretty good[really]

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