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Wanting to build my own custom humi walk in
lz6 Wrote:[color="#0000ff"][/color]

"[color="black"]While I partake of the occasional cigar myself, my real interest lies in collecting those cigars in which the history and legends interest me the most. While no conclusive studies link smoking cigars to health risks, I simply don't wish to be a "Smoker", and therefore limit my "tastes" to the occasional celebratory smoke."

WHOA!  If I made something like that, every day I woke up would be cause for an 'occasional celebratory smoke' Confusedhock: 
I gotta stick in my 2 cents even if it's all been said before in one way or another... The cedar is essential because it is the only thing resistant to mold. Anything else will be toxic down the road from mold growth.

I have never seen a spanish cedar floor, so I'm thinking you will get away with most anything except a rug!

most of your hig-end humidifier companies will happily consult with you as to what you should get. Just reconsider any thoughts of any perminant item in the room. You will want to get behind anything that is in there eventually to clean and remove any growth that survived the cedar toxicity. Thisincludes your humidifier and shelves...


and now for the most important advice... this is your room. Keep the wife and her pink curtains the heck out of there! Wink
Yeah its my room. We break ground in about 3 months. I have so many ideas in there to get out of my head.


take a look at this thread, you might want to pm the gentlemen that started the topic. Just a little heads up.
Seen it MARK. I have built 3 walk in humis already. I do very custom and elite work for high rollers. I want mine to be off the hook like no other. I want to fill it like your store with a littel of everything in there. Also what a wine corner just to kick it up a notch. ill try to post the pics of the custom bar i built for a top notch guy.

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