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Matt-N-Ga. Wrote:
US_Tank Wrote:
tafdom Wrote:Watch out Tank!


Hey!   Stogie Chat is a part of my day.   When my work computer is going Stogie Chat is on my personal computer.  

At night when I am herfing alone, I am on Stogie Chat.   Now this week I am taking a little hunting vigil in Western ND.   I am herfing alone while Stogie Chat is on.

Stogie Chat has some of the best people around and my friendships with them mean the world to me.   Can't wait to personally meet more of you.

In the mean time I will keep posting 30/day on cigar days!   Big Grin


I just wonder when I will catch Skipper?

I smell a contest brewing.  I'm guessing, sometime AFTER you FINALLY post those bombs pictures you been promising for a week now.  Damn it, I'm harping aren't I, I don't mean to harp, SHIT, I sound like my wife. [lol]


Well I am at the ND Herf Headquarters hunting this week and the pics of the bombs are in a flashcard back home.   You are gonna have to wait some.   Besides, I am finishing the rough draft of the story.

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