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Vinotemp Sale
BuddhaBill Wrote:
Magnum PI Wrote:Wow.  Starting to wish I had seen this before I got my Antietam.  Looks really cool.
No way ....That antietam is awesome ...I cant wait to get one ... Just a classy piece of wood ....
Agreed. I don't regret it at all.
The Vinotemp is slick though and would be hard to pass on if I didn't have the Antietam.
got mine last nightCool
Congratulations banzai, you are going to love it! Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t pass up an anthem for a vino but it is great for what it is and dose its job quite well. Iv had mine for less than a week and I love it already. [cigar]
Post some pics guys, we'd love to see'em!

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