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Vegas Cubanas By Don Pepin
Brand: Vegas Cubanas by Don Pepin Garcia
Vitola: Invictos (Robusto) 5" x 50
Box date: May 2007

I call these cigars, the bad memories. I went through about 3 hand surgeries from severed tendons from an injury in August of 2007 and bought these on the way home from a physical therapy appointment. This B&M down by the doctors office at the time was the only one in town carrying any tat, don pepin, padilla sticks. I had one of these before at this shop and wanted to get a box for aging purposes. The owner said, "I aint gon bull chit you, that ones his best. Which brings us to today, 3 years and 6 months later...

[Image: dsc00177oe.jpg]

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A beautiful chocolate wrapper on these, with little viens, and a well made triple seam cap. Artfully crafted. I sipped on a Sierra Nevada as I lit and took the first puff. Only had about the neck of the bottle before I realized I was sick of this brew. Tossed for a dogfish Indian Brown, much better. First initial puff was creamy and velvety on the tounge, with some spice.

[Image: dsc00176gm.jpg]

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Once opened up, this stout little robusto could rival some of the best cubans out there. The age is really showing with draws of thick rich creamy smoke, smacking of cocoa, and finishing sharp, with a meaty spicy note.

[Image: dsc00179ek.jpg]

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If you have them, smoke them now. They are ready. I really enjoyed this smoke, I hope they continue this kind of quality cigar with their increased demand and popularity. At the time these were pretty boutique.
Thanks for the review. You usually cant go wrong with Pepin.
I like smoking lightning
This is awesome, the pictures are so good, btw, NICE SIERRA NEVADA!
Fantastic review and pics, thanks!
This is my boomstick!
Good to have you back Sal. Thanks for the review.
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Nice review

Thanks Sal
The story of how you acquired them and the pictures all add to a great review. Nice job. More please.
Nice review and pictures are always nice with reviews, thank you.
As Mr. Mum says "make the time you wont regret it"
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