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Top Reasons you know your cigar junkie
You make a youtube video on how to pronounce "Oy-oh de Mohn-tehrrrrrRRRRRey"
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
when ur end table is a cooler filled with may be a cigar junkie
I started the sit down video.....The Transporter!!
When your chick friends suggest a 'girls night out' catching up at a bar over silly frou-frou drinks and and you ditch them to hang out with your buddies at the local B&M for scotch and cigars instead....

Seriously, can you blame me?
You forget to buy Christmas presents for your kids because you were too busy hunting for Anejos.
fishhound Wrote:When you buy your second Anteim three months after your first.


Now who would do this?   HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
when you begin looking at rooms in your house as possible candidates to convert to a walk-in humidor and plans are underway to convert the garage into a smoking room.
When you fill your avallo in a matter of months.Cool
when you take a day off from work just because you have a box of habanos due in.
Instead of WTF, OMG, and BFF, your text messages contain ISOM, RASS, PLP, LFD, RyJ, and WOAM.

And you know that the PSD4 is not the newest video game console from Sony.
when you have cigars in your freezer TongueTongue

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