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Thunder by Nimish Patel
Well constructed, some veins. Pre-light, some soapy taste. Also flavors of chocolate milk and pepper, which sounds gross but somehow works. Post - light flavor very much chocolate milk with a feeling of pepper, slowly leather coming to the fore. Pepper is more present at exhale/retrohale. Spices getting stronger at the second 3rd. Reminds me of strong chai with pepper and cardamom. By last third, richly spiced and creamy, full smoke without being too oily. Good clean burn. Overall very pleasant smoke. About a 92.

Enjoyed it with locally roasted coffee sweetened with horchata, which complimented the cigar nicely.
Admittedly the initial Pre-light soapy impression worried me but it was gone once lit.
Maybe you forgot to wash off the soap from your hands.Big Grin

Not a big Patel fan but sounds interesting..
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Could be.
Thanks for the review!
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it was a ok cigar the dry draw was like bieng sprayed with peperspray lol

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