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This Could Be Heaven or This Could Be Hell
My 270 is clean and oiled.

We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered.

Awesome pics Tank!  Thats a lot of beautiful land to romp around on
HAHA!!! We are the highlight of T's day!
No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets!!!
Man that place is beautiful! How long did it take them to put up that oil rig tank?
Nice Tank... 20 pound pike... What do with that, use it for bait to catch real fish?


Terry, funny!
BaileyCAO Wrote:Man that place is beautiful! How long did it take them to put up that oil rig tank?


I was out there right before Thanksgiving and went back out this week.  So in two weeks time they went from a hole in the ground to a drill that is actually drilling.

They will horizontal drill under the lake and should reach their goal depth in 90 days. 
Great thread tanky and yes brother....I will be there as early as 09 brother! Smile

T, your reply and pics were hilarious brother! HAHAHAHHAHAHA

The last time there was a Tsunami at SC was many years ago when a young gentleman came in and EARNED the title of Legend Killer
- the Great Parkster

I don't even have words bro. You have absolutely blown the $hit out of me. No come back, I got nothing, speechless - The Shephard PO - RIP July 2007
Ahhhhheeeeeee, I saw that all of those pics in person. Tank actually lives in the city and those pics are from a book.[lol][lol]

T, you are a one funny son of a hillbilly.
Big Grin
They call me The Mum - Jimmie the Mum
Viva Mumcero - Mahk 12/4/2010 -
Honorary Shield Brother
Weak people seek Revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people Ignore
Well you can't get 'em all the time.   Aside from a couple of pheasants, I came home empty handed.   But alas I will be doing some bowhunting near home and I have one more trip planned out west.   Its always good to be out in the bush though.

Regardless its been another great hunting year.  
How far is the nearest B&M? Big Grin

Simply amazing land, bro'. [thumbsup]

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