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The Second Wave
Jimmie the Mum Wrote:Hey, those are my stogies that I'm missing from my humidor!! Send them back..

Freaking DaBear must of took them when he was here. Confusedhock:

Carl, I have to say, Mac doesn't get involved in bombing but when he does, Damn he bombs like he drinks. Full blast all the way...

Enjoy Carl, you deserve this beat down.... What is the old lady saying about this?

[color="orange"]Mac, save a stogie for when The Mum comes to visit you..[/color]
Oh there's plenty more smokes around my place!Wink

Glad you enjoyed this wave Carl, I know they all fit in that humi because I checked before I put this little wave together.Tongue  Oh and Matt's right.  I'm already getting round 3 ready for mailing.  Before that I need to send the bear on his way to the next host.  I'm getting sick of this guy hanging around!  I wonder where he's off to....Big Grin
Zammer217 Wrote:[bravo2]

Good news Carl... Gunnar gives you a little time between attacks to rebuild.  Bad news I don't think it's over.

I just wonder what would every happen to Bailey if he posted the after pool video that was shot in Maytags room.[wow]
Geez, a guy decides to drink a bottle of tequila for his birthday and everybody feels it's time to record the damned occasion for posterity![doh]  Y'all need to find something better to do!Tongue

Seriously, I ever see any more video of my escapades anywhere and I'll go apeshit on this crew!  No more scenic car rides with your head out the sunroof for you, Doug.[lol]
Gunnar has more ammo than any of you guys realize.  I have seen it first hand.  Nice job Gunnar. 
Excellent shot Gunnar...   that should teach Carl to not put unflattering pics of people on rootbeer bottles in the future...




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