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The Indestructible Cain Torch
My favorite lighter is the Cain triple flame torch that Studio Tobac gives away as swag at some of their events. I have three and I think I've given two away in bombs. Last night I thought one of them was a goner though. I was riding down the highway around 70 mph when I went over some railroad tracks and it bounced out of the pouch I store it in when riding. It went right into the other lane of oncoming traffic as it bounced down the road. I went back to get it but it had already been run over by a few cars at that point so I thought it was toast. When I got home I bent the lid back into place and it fired right up! These are the best lighters ever.
[Image: dc04f765.jpg]
[Image: 0150bc7f.jpg]
That's awesome

Man, be nice to that lighter..
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Just gives it a little bit of character!
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Awesome... I won one of those a while back, and I will drag it behind my car for a bit this week to Dooley-ize it... Wink

Amazing that it still works, but they are sure built like tanks, eh?

I think these may be the same ones made by LOTUS (the T3 series). I think they also make the same one for Tatuaje.

I like the size of these.

Dooley, we can get you a job antiquing props for the movies. lol, cool stuff.
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Freakin awesome
That is crazy..very well built.
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Damn son lol you let it get runded over Tongue
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Looks all ready to be wrapped in duct tape!


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