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The Foundry
Thomas and I tried another foundry tonight, this time it is the odd shaped one, the Caylay.

It was awesome. It burned well, and tasted amazing. This is an odd cigar, no one will say what is in it other than the wrapper. It has a unique flavor, it is kind of like smoking a tool shed, in a good way.
There is leather there, and a bit of spice, a note of citrus and then in turn you can taste steel, brass and copper. If I had to think of flavors for a steampunk themed cigar, this would be it.

It is unlike anything else I have ever tried. Now I know it looks gimmicky but it is more than just a gimmick.

Thomas also made a cool cigar holder for me to try, and he will be making more. It was fun. We picked them up tonight at Tobacco Haus in New Braunfels, but will also be going next Friday to the Foundry Release party.

[Image: Cycdj.jpg]

[Image: 4WTIQ.jpg]

[Image: vhtez.jpg]

Here is a link to an interview about it:

If anyone else has tried it, I would love to hear what you think.
By the way, that is not an uneven burn, the cigar's foot is actually cut at that 45 degree angle on purpose. The caylay shape is really unique.
I have to say I don't think I ever had a stogie with those unique flavors. But having herfed with you and reading your prior reviews this stogie is probably a winner. Does Thomas agree with you?

Nice holder for sure.
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(12-01-2012, 02:51 AM)TheValKitty Wrote: ... it is kind of like smoking a tool shed, in a good way.

There is a good way to smoke a tool shed?

Jimmie. .. yes Thomas likes this cigar as much as I do.

Mike... light up a Foundry and find out.

It remnds me of the taste in the air when you are metalsmithing. It is hard to explain. All I can say is that this is easily in my top 10 favorite cigars.
I love the look of that stick and the gear is a winner of a band for me ...... what is the gear made of?

I've never had a tool shed flavour cigar either .... sounds interesting.
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I've smoked a shithouse,never a tools shed
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Parkster. It looks like brass but seems to be colored. It is some metal with a decent weight on it.
Tool shed is the best description I can come up with at this point in time. It is complex and shifting. Like he says in the video... this is a unique cigar.
Val, im just trying to be funny. Thanks for the nice review.
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