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Tatuaje Havana VI Artistas Torpedo
.[Image: vi1.jpg]

[Image: vi2.JPG]
6 1/8" x 52, Corojo 99

Construction: This is on nice looking, densely packed torpedo. Pretty looking and oily, and a nice mocha brown.

Pre-Light: The torp was very densely packed, and the clipped (though easy) revealed a slightly tight draw. I was unwilling to clip higher up the cigar and so I would make do as is. Prelight notes of sweet tobacco and peppery spice.

Burn/Draw: Light was easy. The draw, much as expected, was a little tight, but strangely, it still produced plenty of smoke. Due to the tight draw though, the burn was a little off. Nothing horrible, and nothing that needed fixed but, still uneven. The ash held for about an inch, and started almost start white, getting darker as it proceeded down the cigar.

Flavor: In discussion with my friend Mike we have kinda come to the conclusion that almost all Tatuaje and Don Pepin Cigars come down to some variation of four basic flavors: Tang, Spice (Pepper Specifically), Wood, and & Leather. Well this version holds true to that observation. In this cigars case, the Spice and the Tang come to the forefront with the Wood and Leather fall more to the backround. This cigar is Medium-Full in strength and skewering toward full bodied.

Overall this is a pretty decent cigar. If the draw was a tad more forgiving, I could score it even higher. That said, I will be having more of them, and I can recommend them to you.

[Image: vi%2B3.JPG]

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
CP, try the Tatuaje SW, lots of creamy notes to that cigar. It's a good change of pace from the heavy spice and leather notes.
hmm i will have to check that out.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
nice review, colby. probably another lesson in why figurados are hard to roll. keeping that draw even through a tapering head takes some serious talent. hopefully your cigar was an exception.
#6 pics!!!!!....TongueWink
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