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Tatuaje “The Bride” 10-count boxes
Hey guys, it looks like I’ll have one or two extra 10-count boxes of this year’s monster release. 

I’d like to sell them at cost, which is ($13/stick) $130 for the sealed box plus exact shipping costs.

Please post in this thread or shoot me a PM if you’re interested and thanks for looking! 

[Image: 22_F0_A42_D_1_BC2_4129_A82_E_FDEEB2_E5_C619.jpg]
This is my boomstick!
Closed, all sold
This is my boomstick!
Well if anyone else is in the hunt for Tat Monsters, may I suggest Neptune in Miami, sign up for e-mail notification of what you want, they are good about notifying fast.  Problem you have to act fast, or stuff moves.

Friend is in to AF OPIS, I put him on to Neptune, he has been happy because local guy ( B & M ) only sell to high dollar customers.  To me this is BS, but it the guy business, he can sell who he want.

Ther gentleman who like the OPUs use to be a good customer of the B & M, let's say he in now buy where his purchases are apprieciated.

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