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Tapatalk issues

So I recognize that there have been discussions about this in the past. However, I found some interesting stuff out this past week.

Last thursday morning, I had an update to tapatalk for my LG Lucid. so I did the update, and went about getting ready for my vacation. This past week I've been in myrtle beach SC, and not once did I have any trouble at all. Fast responses from the server, new posts and responses came through right away, messages and PM's I did posted fine. I was excited that I had a whole week down there with no issues.

This morning, I turned on my phone after church while waiting for my wife to get the stuff we needed, went through and tried to view the updates since friday. Low and behold, its slow, its hanging up, and it is not responding (failed to communicate with the server please try again later).

So now that I am back in my home area I am once again subject to clicking on a topic, and waiting. Then when it doesnt come up after a minute or two, I hit refresh. Sometimes three or four times. Same as it has been for tapatalk for however long I've had it.

Now here's the odd thing. I view two other forums this way. I dont get timeouts and errors on the other forums. (neither up here for several months, or when I was down in SC). I went to check them this morning, and not a single problem viewing them at all.

So what is the problem with Stogiechat, and tapatalk? Or is it tapatalk and the verizon network? Or is it tapatalk and stogiechat on the verizon network?

The only differences that I can tell between the other forums and stogiechat are the ads and threadspamming ads that Eric uses to generate income for maintaining the site.

(I am not judging, just making an observation)

I'm hoping that tech and/or Eric will see this, and ask on their techie forums they frequent, and maybe something can be joggled and a fix will come out.

...moving along...nothing left to see here.
I'm on tapatalk and not having any issues forum working the same as it always has

Forum working well on verison LTE and verison home wifi from here
I WAS getting a notice that the API was expired with tapatalk for this particular forum. Had thy for a few weeks and it was glitchy... But the past few days have been fine
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The ads do add some load time when viewing the pages, but on average it adds about 1-2 seconds overall. I did a test on this particular thread for instance and the site loaded in under 3 seconds from 6 locations around the USA. Canada and Virgina came in around 3.5 seconds. Argentina...a whopping 10 seconds, but that can be expected for the distance and it probably being bounced via a SAT link versus a cable across the ocean.

It could very well be your internet connection. Or another reason often overlooked would be your DNS server setting for the internet. On the computer you can change it to a faster DNS than what your ISP normally provides (just Google FREE DNS). On the cell phone you are stuck.

Since you are experiencing this with Tapatalk, I would say you probably have some cell phone traffic congestion. I've been places with 4 bars on my phone and had shitty load speeds for some sites and at the same time other sites loaded fast. Sites that are frequently viewed by your phone carrier users will be cached for fast performance to make their network look better for the mass of users. So accessing Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc is cached where StogieChat would not be unless we were getting tens of thousands of hits a day.

If there is bottleneck anywhere on the path to the website you are trying to connect to then you will have problems. Blaming your software, ISP, or even the DNS server is sometimes moot when you realize that the information has to bounce through so many computers/routers between you and the website. Any one of those routers can have problems.

If you are running a droid or iphone, you can get an app that will traceroute to the destination website. That would really lend a hand on determining if its a software issue, website issue, or simply a bad hop along the way that nobody can control.

Unfortunately I do have to have the ads on the forum to help pay the bills.
(10-13-2013, 07:47 PM)Admin Wrote: Unfortunately I do have to have the ads on the forum to help pay the bills.

I know I appreciate that!
(10-13-2013, 08:24 PM)The542 Wrote:
(10-13-2013, 07:47 PM)Admin Wrote: Unfortunately I do have to have the ads on the forum to help pay the bills.

I know I appreciate that!


There are no SC ads if your actually using Tapatalk...

I do believe there is an update we can do.. but theres no performance stuff with it.

In the past its always turned out to be an issue with ATT and verizon.. i really wish i had something more.
No ads here in the UK, but I cant post any pics now without registering my user name and password (???????) I'm obviously already logged in, and it wont accept my log in again, so this confuses the sheet out of me.
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Do you have trouble with my forum too?

I just updated the Tapatalk software to the latest version... that may help with the process of elimination?


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