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Stogiechat Bilnd Review v2.0 No 3
Please post your reviews of the Mystery Cigar here.  When you complete your review PM me what you think the cigar was.  When all of the reviews are in I will announce the winner.

Can a mod sticky this?
Viva Lancero!

Consider it stickified.

Got mine today, looks purdy.
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cool
got mine today as well looks good cant wait to try it out
Big cigar maybe 6 x 54-56 ring

Nice looking rosado wrapper with smooth viens. Good construction, and gray ash that holds on tight.  Pretty good burn, only touched it up a couple times.

Well balanced of strength and flavor from the first puff. Very smoooth. Nice nose. 

Superb draw, this baby smokes itself.

Nice and rich creamy smoke.  Coffee,light spice(not pepper, maybe nutmegish) and leather. Some citrus and floral notes as well.  Short finish.

Overall I like this cigar,and I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've smoked it.

I'd give it a 89-90 on the CA scale. 

Thanks for putting this together Mark.
I hate living so far away it takes for ever to get my cigar.
Keith Wrote:I hate living so far away it takes for ever to get my cigar.


Yours will be there on Thurs. Tongue
Viva Lancero!

Mystery Cigar

[Image: blnd1.jpg]

Size/Appearance: Approximately 5.9" X 52, triplecapped (a bit sloppily) and a beautiful nut-brown color. Smooth, lightly veined wrapper, one noticeable but minor soft spot about midway.

[Image: blind2.jpg]

Prelight Notes: Lovely aroma, faint hints of raisins, barnyard, and earth.

[Image: blind3.jpg]

Draw/Burn: Excellent, smooth draw. Open, with just enough resistance . . . burned very cool, leading me to think it's been well-aged for some time, and produced copious amounts of silky-smooth, velvety gray smoke. Very nice smoking experience and a razor-sharp burn with no touchups needed at all.

[Image: blind4.jpg]

Taste: This cigar started off very smooth and subtle, gradually developing stronger notes of white pepper, earth, and toast. Slightly tannic/astringent, with the earthiness and pepper really coming to the foreground in the last half or so, but never becoming overwhelming. Medium-bodied and very enjoyable.

[Image: blind5.jpg]

Great choice, Mahk. Loved it. Send more! Big Grin

Awesome review....Terry!
Viva Lancero!

Wow, Boar you just made me want to smoke mine.
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
Churros and Puros is liking that review, cant wait to fire it up.
Not only do I not know what's going on, I wouldn't know what to do about it if I did.
George Carlin

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