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Sundays are always my football days.  So yesterday I decided to try some of the singles that I had obtained but had yet to try while I watch the games.

I heard so much good about the Don Pepin Blue Label from you guys here.  So I lit one up.  I liked it but did not think it was great.  To me it lacked flavor.  I liked the JJ series more that I had about two months ago and I have a Black label I have yet to try.  But I remember the JJ too just did not give me much flavor.  The Blue however did have a smooth, even burn.

About two hours later I lit up a CAO Italia.  Ironically, I thought it tasted a lot like the Pepin Blue label but with more outburst of flavor.  But the best part was that this cigar gave me a TON of good smoke.  And unlike the Blue, this cigar just seemed to get better the more I got into it.  It was firm and burned very well yet needed a couple of touch ups. 

Just my thoughts.  I still like the Blue but will not go out of my way to obtain them.

Then today I had my 3rd San Cristobal.  In my Friday Night Lights thread I tried the Monumento and the Fabuloso.  Today I enjoyed two Cokes and a San Cristobal Guajiro.  All I could think was WOW!   I want to buy a box of the San Cristobal's but have yet to decide what size to get.  Hence, I ordered another sampler of 6 as I just cannot get enough of this line.

Tonight for the game I am going to try the SC Supremo with my Mic Amberboch.  Thanks for checking this post out!


Wow, I'm shocked you didn't care much for the Pepin Blue label. I agree with the San Cristobal, fantastic smoke. Have you tried the Oliva V yet? I feel this is another great cigar. One more that should be tried is the Padilla Miami.
What's the point in arguing or trying to make sense of something that is lost?
Yes I did try the Oliva V in the Churchill.  Great smoke!  I always wondered about the Padilla's.  That one might be next on my list but I have to cool it as I have squandered about $500 the past six weeks in premium cigars.

Don't get me wrong, the Pepin was good just not great in my book.  One consideration and I know better is this though:  I smoked it within two days of receiving it via mail order so I may have to let the other Blue sit and acclimate to my humidor.

Looking forward to the San Cristobal tonight during the game. 


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