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Spreading a little cheer (and some good smokes)
I want to thank Steve (EvilAsh) and the forum for helping me with I gift I sent to a friend that's stationed in Afghanistan. I know him through another forum and he's a cigar lover, so a couple of us (from the other forum) keep him stocked up with smokes. As he told me, they help him wind down after a long day. Well, his deployment is almost up (40 days to go) Smile2 so I wanted to send him a "coming home" package. Using a few suggestions Steve had given me, and reviews I read on the forum, I sent him one each of the following from

Oliva Serie V, Torpedo, Habano, 6 X 56
Padron 1926 Anniversary, No. 6, Maduro, 4.75 X 50
Tatuaje Havana VI, Nobles, Habano
Arturo Fuente Anejo, Reserva No. 50, Maduro, 5.1 X 50
Arturo Fuente Hemingway, Short Story (Perfecto), Cameroon, 4.25 X 43
Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate, Robusto, Habano
Ashton VSG, Torpedo, Sumatra, 6.5 X 55

They actually made a mistake on the price of the Anejo on the website, but honored it which was awesome of them. I told him to save the best for last and light it up the night before he leaves for home. So I wanted to say thanks for helping me make at least one soldier's deployment a little more enjoyable.

Thats great brother!

Now that's something to come home to. Outstanding on your behalf sir!

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Vince Lombardi
Way to go man!
I like smoking lightning
As Mr. Mum says "make the time you wont regret it"
2010 the year I got my a$$ handed to me from my fellow SC brothers!
Great form Sir! Bravo!
Excellent, way to go.
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Great stuff Angelo!! Really a top notch move!

And it was my pleasure to help Smile
This is my boomstick!
great selection of sticks, classy move man.

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